Perfect Pastries From Dominique Ansel!

It’s hard for me to find great pastries. However, when a friend of mine surprised & dropped a “DKA” half muffin half croissant off on my desk, everything changed. Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel has changed the world of pastry. As everyone knows he is the creator of the “Cronut”, but there is more to this chef. He has some of the best pastries that I have ever tasted! From his chocolate chip cookies that stay moist all day, to his Cannelés which taste like creme brûlée on the outside with a flan like custard middle and his French Macarons that are perfectly made. People stand in line for hours every morning for his creations.

As a foodie, I am guilty of doing the same! Here is a tip. What I would do is pre-order his Cronuts 2 weeks in advance for a pickup time of 8 am and purchase as many of my favorite treats, because trust me, he runs out! FYI-keep in mind, there is a flavor of the month for the Cronuts. So if you are ever in New York City, London or even Japan, take this foodies advice and try one of his pastries or even try his breakfast or lunch menu. His perfect egg sandwich & grill cheese is magnificent as well! My favorite must haves is DKA’s, Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cannelés.  Bon Appétit!


Featured Bakery:




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