Good Day! I’m Danielle Carrington. A funny, big hearted person that loves her family, friends and loves anything food!

My passion for food started at a young age growing up in Rougemont, NC.  My Grandmother Elneps nickname “Mie”, use to have homemade meals on the kitchen table 7 days a week.  Not understanding this love of food at such a young age, I was spoiled with Homemade Bread with Molasses, Strawberry Cobbler and Chicken & Dumplings and an array of other southern delights. Watching her cook gave me a since of southern value.  She could make a homemade pie with no measuring utensils.  Moving to the Big Apple introduced me to a sea off diverse foods that I wasn’t accustom to. New York City has so much possibilities when it comes to finding great food!

In January 2007 my life changed.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  It changed my whole outlook on life.  I started asking myself “What is my purpose in life?”  I found this purpose on a CNN/HLN Network show called “Cook You’re A$$ Off!”.  This show opened my eyes to the possibilities of cooking.  I started an online foodie show but I wanted more.  So fast forwarded to today. Welcome to “Dining with Danielle”; a blog on what I like to see served on a plate.  I hope you do too!  I’m just a Southern girl enjoying this new world of food. Take this journey with me as I explore dishes and I’ll share with you some of my awesome recipes & food critiques.

bon appétit,