Sunday Brunch at Cheri!

Growing up in the South, there was not a lot of diverse eateries. I found a deep appreciation for dining out, something my mother “Della” introduced me to.  So finding a great brunch spot like Chéri in Harlem, NY is a country girl’s dream.  When you first walk in the artwork catches your eye, just pure elegance. The Garden in the back is what captivated me. Visually you will feel like you have left the city and stepped into the South of France. Perfect if you want to impress any dinner party. Their Mimosas, Fluffy Eggs, Chicken Sausage, Potatoes & French Toast did not disappoint. The French Toast is not your average dish. Instead of maple syrup, it comes with homemade salted butter caramel sauce. It was the perfect topping for a perfect brunch. This place has such a home feel to it that Chef & Owner Alain Eoche would come out to thank you and ask about your experience, adding the exceptional touch to an amazing Sunday Brunch!

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